The Lab provides consulting services, archival data, and experimental
tools for media neuroscience researchers


Research Tools


Moral Narrative Analyzer

The Moral Narrative Analyzer (MoNA) extracts moral information from media messages using a hybrid approach between automated computational methods and hand coding.



Extended Moral Foundations Dictionary Score

In relation to MoNA, eMFDscore is a library for the fast and flexible extraction of various moral information metrics from textual input data by using multiple Moral Foundations Dictionaries.



Asteroid Impact

The lab developed an open-source video game stimulus known as Asteroid Impact that is useful for researchers who wish to test a variety of processes using a naturalistic stimulus. You can learn more about Asteroid Impact, and download the game here.

Consulting & Data

Brain Imaging Consulting


There are several challenges associated with the collection, analysis, and interpretation of brain imaging (fMRI) data. The lab offers methodological consulting and data collection/analysis partnerships for UCSB communication/media researchers. The lab has access to a state of the art 3-Tesla Siemens magnet resonance imaging system at UCSB’s Brain Imaging Center. A powerful analysis environment for brain images in our lab assists UCSB communication/media researchers in the analysis and interpretation of brain imaging data sets.


Online Experiments


Current projects in our lab require advanced programming of online experiments. UCSB communication/media researchers looking to collect data with advanced online experiment methodology are welcome to seek advice from our lab.


Computational Methods


The lab provides assistance and guidance in the utilization of computational methods in communication research including topic modeling, text mining, network analysis, and practical issues when dealing with “big data.“


Physiological Measurement


The lab provides assistance in collecting and analyzing physiological (Biopac) data for UCSB communication/media researchers as well as experimental design considerations for these measures.


Archival Datasets


The lab has an extensive library of datasets including brain imaging data, biopack data, and self-report data. These datasets allow for addressing post-hoc research questions and are available for UCSB communication/media researchers.


Research Library


The lab houses a growing library of relevant and recent cognitive neuroscience literature. UCSB communication/media researchers looking for introductory and advanced literature are welcome to utilize this resource.

Statistics and Analysis

Statistics Textbook


Consistent with a focus on statistical methods, the lab published a statistics textbook for communication researchers and professionals. The textbook is available for purchase at Kendall Hunt and Amazon.


A collaborative python notebook was created to help with developing a computational approach to statistical analysis examples as discussed in the textbook. Access the notebook here.


Effect & Equivalence Testing – SPSS Custom Dialogs


The lab offers custom SPSS dialogues for testing statistical equivalence in communication research. Read more.


Intersubject Correlation Analysis


Forthcoming: The lab is developing new tools that allow for efficient and statistically sound intersubject correlation analyses with brain imaging data.

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