Interested in becoming a research assistant in the Media Neuroscience
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Here’s a quick look at what Research Assistants in the lab typically do in their time with us.



For any questions regarding the RA experience at MNL, please contact Kylie Woodman (

Data Collection

Most research assistants in the Media Neuroscience Lab participate in data collection. Any given quarter we have several projects for which we are actively collecting data. This could range from running behavioral experiments in a computer lab to assisting in neuroimaging.

Literature Reviews

Often, research assistants in the lab are asked to assist graduate students and other researchers in gathering, reading, and summarizing research in the field. These reviews span a wide range of topics related to neuroscience, computer science, communication, and technology.

Documentation and “Data Wrangling”

With the large quantity of data produced in the lab each quarter, research assistants are commonly asked to participate in assembling documentation for data collection protocols to make sure that all data are well organized and interpretable. Research assistants may also be asked to check data for errors or inconsistencies.

So what’s in it for you?

Course Credit

Research assistants in the Media Neuroscience Lab can earn COMM-99 or COMM-199 course credit. If you are not a Communication student and you are interested in earning course credit for working with the lab, get in touch.

Skills & Training

Research assistants in our lab often receive training in valuable skills, like data science, research methods, and writing. Returning RAs may have the opportunity to launch their own projects for submission to conferences or for an honors thesis.

Prep for Grad School or Industry

Serving as a research assistant is a great resumé builder to gain an edge in competitive graduate school or industry positions. Many RAs in the lab receive letters of recommendation and other assistance in assembling application materials.

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