All of the lab-involved presentations at the 2017 meeting
of the International Communication Association in San Diego, CA.


Papers presented at the annual meeting of the International Communication Association (ICA), San Diego, CA.


Amir, O., Huskey, R., Mangus, J.M., Swanson, R., Gordon, A., Khooshabeh, P., Weber, R. Media and the moral mind: Binding and individualizing moral intuitions elicit distinct cortical activation.


Fisher, J., Keene, J., Huskey, R., & Weber, R. The offramp problem: Treating media psychology as an insular field inhibits theoretical and empirical progress. Top 5 Paper. Poster, Slides


Fisher, J., & Keene, J. Examining cognitive load and recall for educational multimedia messages in ADHD and high media multitasking populations. Poster, Slides


Huskey, R. Craighead, B., Miller, M., & Weber, R. Intrinsic reward motivates shifts between cognitive control and default mode networks during task performance.


Lonergan, C., & Weber, R. Reconceptualizing physical sex as continuous: Are there sex differences in video game preference?  Top 5 Paper Poster, Slides


Nabi, R., Nicholls, S., Keblusek, L., Huskey, R., & Reed, M. When audiences become advocates: Dissonance-driven behavior change through health message posting in social media.


Reich, S., Reinecke, L., Hefner, D., Winkler, J., Hopp, F. R., Knop-Huelss, K., Chan, M., Owen, B., & Vorderer, P. Self-construal, cultural values and everyday life with a smartphone: Intercultural differences in being permanently online and connected.


Weber, R., Mangus, J.M., Huskey, R., Amir, O., Swanson, R., Gordon, A., Khooshabeh, P., Hahn, L., & Tamborini, R. Extracting moral foundations from text narratives: Relevance, challenges, and solutions.