Effect and Equivalence Testing

Reference: Weber, R., & Popova, L. (2012). Testing equivalence in communication research: theory and applications. Communication Methods and Measures, 6(3), 190-213. https://doi.org/10.1080/19312458.2012.703834

Once the custom dialog file is downloaded, either double-click on the file and select “Install” in the dialog window that appears or, from within SPSS, go to “Utilities – Custom Dialog – Install Custom Dialog…” and select the file from the file browser window. This will install the downloaded custom dialog into SPSS. “Install Custom Dialog” is either under “Utilities” or “Extensions” depending on the version of your SPSS. You can find instructions on how to install custom dialog here. Installation requires administrative access to your computer. You may have to open SPSS as administrator as well. It is necessary to close and re-start SPSS for the new menus to appear in SPSS under “Analyze-Compare Means” and “Analyze-Correlate”.


DISCLAIMER: As with all statistical software, all attempts are made to make sure that the computations programmed into these procedures are performed correctly. If you find errors, please let us know, we will attempt to correct them as quickly as possible. We offer our procedures to the research community “as is” without any responsibility for any negative consequences that might result from their use.

Asteroid Impact

Asteroid Impact is a point-and-click style video game where subjects use a cursor to collect crystal-shaped targets that are displayed at different locations while avoiding asteroids that bounce around the screen. All aspects of the game can be manipulated with a high level of experimental control. The stimulus records all game events with 16ms temporal resolution, which are then output as a .csv file. Asteroid Impact is written in Python, is platform agnostic, and can synchronize with TTL triggers. The game features an open source license (CC BY-SA 4.0), and is freely available to the research community. A package containing the latest stable version of the game and supporting documentation can be downloaded here. Those wishing to further develop Asteroid Impact or download experimental releases can do so on Github