ICA 2020 Video Presentations

In view of ICA 2020 going virtual, we have made our presentations this year open and accessible to everyone, and to provide captions if needed. We had a number of presentations this year scattered across the Communication Science and Biology, Computational Methods, and Political Communication interest groups. Please reach out to us if you have any questions regarding these talks, or if you would like to know more!

A computational approach for learning moral conflicts in movie scripts

Frederic Hopp, Jacob Fisher, Rene Weber
Computational Methods – Top 5 Paper

Motivation drives resource allocation across concurrent tasks during media processing

Jacob Fisher, Frederic Hopp , Rene Weber
Communication Science & Biology – Top 5 Paper

What drives news sharing across the globe?

Frederic Hopp, Musa Malik, Jacob Fisher, Yibei Chen, Rene Weber
Political Communication

Cognitive & perceptual load during video game play correspond to differing brain network topologies

Jacob Fisher, Frederic Hopp, Rene Weber
Communication Science & Biology

Uncovering the structure of media multitasking and attention problems using network analysis

Jacob Fisher, Yibei Chen, Frederic Hopp, Rene Weber
Computational Methods